May 19, 2007

I'm a People Person.

I'm jealous of this guy.

Today, while watching Angelina Jolie on James Lipton's Inside the Actor's Studio I became more aware than ever of how intrigued I am by people. People amaze me. Their stories. Their histories. Their dreams and their passions. I can't get enough of it.

I love to sit and watch through a window-side table as people walk by. To imagine what their lives are like. What got them where they are today. I love to listen as they dream-out-loud and watch as they pursue those aspirations.

I read books where I find myself completely conecting with the characters, befriending some in a way as if they were real. And sometimes wishing so hard they were. When watching television shows or movies it can be hard for me to separate an actor from the character he is portraying. I naturally gravitate to shows like Miami Ink just so I can find out what drives someone in wanting to permanently mark himself. What is so important. So staple in his or her life.

And I find I am most intrigued by dreamers and artists. Because these are the people who may not always have the best stories, but know how to articulate them, whether through song or writing or art or speech.

So now back to Mr. Lipton. I am jealous of his job. Of the opportunity he gets to interview for a living. But I'm ever-so-thankful that he does what he does. For in watching him, I discover more about myself. And maybe that's it. Maybe it's that finding other people guides me in finding myself. And that the best people-person is indeed that one that knows himself the best.


desh said...

hez good i like his show
me too jealous
aftr all he met angelina jolie

Shelia said...

You know, you could totally do his job. But, you would be a lot prettier. :~)