Jul 18, 2007

I'm a dancer at heart.

I'm a dancer at heart.
Step to my own beat.

Close my eyes, spin in circles.
Hum a tune, give a performance
To the stars.
And they dance along.

Fireflies are my lightshow.
Fields my dancefloor.
The moon my spotlight.

I hear glorious melodies in my head.
They beg to be danced to.
I willingly comply.
I can do it all.

Eyes closed.
Smile wide
Caught in a never-ending laugh.
Bare feet strumming the ground.

I'm free.
No strings attached.
Just to relax. Let go.
Allow my heart to soar.

Well I wish that you could see me when I'm flying in my dreams
The way I laugh there way up high
The way I look when I fly
The way I live
The way I fly
[Patty Griffin: Chief]

[Photo Credit: "Fireflies" - Nicolai Morrisson]


rie said...

i want to go dancing.

and of course, you must be barefoot.

Shelia said...

Oh, Nina. This is SO lovely. I can totally envision it. You have had a creative summer!