Nov 7, 2007

A work in progress...

Reflections on top of the Parking Garage

There is something absolutely enchanting about the air tonight. Standing here above this growing city, things have finally quieted once again. This week has been a whirlwind at best – but something, something still and quiet has drawn me here now.

I watch as the sun takes its final bows and disappears into the horizon. I drink in the last bit of my peppermint white mocha slowly, as if each drop is its own unique experience.

The church bells have started ringing down off 4th, the old Presbyterian, I believe. Yet, for some reason, after chiming six, they continue to ring. They play hymns now, I think. Faint memories creep into my mind as I remember singing in that ancient Baptist church in a Mississippi small-town. I can still feel the old oak pews and smell the old men's pomade.

How I wish I had someone to share this moment with. However, somewhere deep inside, I know tonight is for me. It's a time to be.

From this vantage point I watch as friends and lovers stroll down Main. But, my eyes drift back to that church on 4th. The stained glass is mesmerizing, almost glowing. I pull out my camera, snap a few shots and head down to the local Irish pub. (It's my father's birthday, and we're meeting for dinner.)

Vibrations in my pocket remind me of all the things I seem to have forgotten in the past few minutes – things like time, obligation and unfinished work. Though, I do not quicken my pace. For this is my time, my life, my season – a time to reflect, create and get lost in my dreams.

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heather said...

adorable. the tone is fantastic. it reminds me of the uncarved block of taoism combined with the purity of existence. i love it.