Mar 20, 2008


A few weeks ago, I came across this post on Pied Piper...piping? and decided to try my hand at literally "painting a picture".

For my attempts, I chose two pictures I snapped while at The Olive Bar Studio.

Here are the pictures:

Here are the paintings:

As you can see, I didn't exactly paint everything in the first, I tried painting the hand in the piano picture (and some of the other details) - but it just didn't come out as I hoped.

In other news, weather today in Franklin is lovely. I'm out to play in the sunshine and snap a few photos!


Nathan said...

wow! VERY COOL! I love it. Great job! Now, you will become an addict. You will see a photo and think, "what would that look like painted over??"

Nice work!

paintbrush016 said...

i like these mucho!

do you know the grid method? its kinda geeky, but proportions are SO much easier with it. i'll have to show you. :]

Shelia said...

Wow! Is there anything you can't do?