May 11, 2009


As I sit here, in a local coffeeshop, thinking about where I am, in every way imaginable, I find myself increasingly conscious of every breath.

And then, I think over the number of times in the past month where I have been that still.

The answer? Very few.

Truth is, life in the past month has gone by in such a frenzy.
A good, challenging, blessed frenzy - but a frenzy nonetheless.

So I sit, ponder, process.

Speak simply, breathe.

Because this is only blink, a pause.

The moment between inhale and exhale.

Tomorrow is my last day of high school.

Spring Day Friday.
Open House Sunday.
Graduation, Girls State, Summer.

But now? Right. Now?
I sink into the booth I'm in, and let myself be lulled by the sweet motions of life.

Because tomorrow, and in the days after, there will be lots of posting, processing, writing, photographing. And adventures are so much better when rested : )

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