Jul 8, 2009

summer of adventures: let's turn here!

about a week ago my friend casey and i decided to go driving tennessee back-roads. she had a decent grip on the area where we began, but it was only a matter of turns until we found ourselves on only gravel roads. we passed more dairy farms than i knew existed in tennessee. which is a perfect segue into this photo:


this, is a view that greeted us early on in the trip. and within seconds of seeing it, the suv was pulled over, the cameras whipped out and pictures were taken amidst a thick atmosphere of laughter. good times.

we continued to drive, turn, and take pictures of road signs we passed as a means of getting home. i think "opposum hollow road" and "slaughter road" shared the title for best sign of the day.

we also prayed for "a field of wildflowers to take pictures in... with multiple-colored flowers... and easy access... although we [didn't] have a problem trespassing"-- and sure enough, we got one. with butterflies.


all in all, a perfect day, full of wonder and joy, with a sweet friend. spending time in what is quickly becoming one of my very favorite states... (it only took 10 years of living here, right?)


Tyler said...

Nina, the cow pic is stinkin' awesome!

Anonymous said...

A.)Every time I see a cow now I think of you and those cows... (well now I think of when we went back with Misa and the incident with the Bull)
B.)God really has blessed me with you as a sister and it is a joy for me to see how God is moving in and through you.
C.)Let's do this again please and thank you.