Nov 6, 2009

I may never leave...

On Fridays, I finish classes by noon.

Two weeks ago, I decided to dedicate these free afternoons to city exploration.

Unfortunately I've hit week two and already run into an issue with my cute little plan:

I'm stuck, friends. I've found a little peace of heaven in NOLA, and I may never, ever leave...

Prepare to become friends with Rue de la Course, a superb coffee establishment that is only 20 minutes' walk from campus.

Classes? Responsibilities? Who needs 'em? I'm snug in the loft of this converted old bank with a tall glass of iced coffee and a delicious (and generous) slice of zucchini bread.

Soft light entering through aged windows and ornate, vaulted ceilings with chandeliers hanging remind me of a beautiful Irish cathedral I visited recently. The sounds of sweet conversation, espresso machines and old jazz all joining together in beautiful harmony lead me to take a few moments and soak in this present bliss...

And I'm smiling again because I've found yet another piece of the city that resonates. A place to deepen my roots, get some studying done and ultimately-- a place to share with others. Because if there's anything I'd love more than being here right now it would be to spend hours here surrounded by friends, living life and sojourning together. Cheers to those times.


A little lagniappe: quaint green desk lamps and the old vault door still intact? Lovely.

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