May 19, 2012

Anticipating adventure.

Wanderlust: it's both blessing and curse. Brimming with exciting opportunity, reined in by the tension of change. It's when you start praying about that wanderlust that things get dangerous--or wonderful--and at least today, I choose to focus on the latter...

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A week ago, I returned home from New Orleans via Mississippi and the sumptuous Natchez trace--a stretch of road adorned with roadside gems in form of flora and fauna. It was just me and Beulah the Buick, savoring beauty of both ear and eye. A wealth of wildflowers. Spindles of sunshine. Masterpiece come alive, answered with worship.

Yet, this was not the journey I thought I would be taking home, had we chatted six months ago. In fact, the trip's starting place would have been off by some 2,700 miles. "Spring is for Costa Rica," I would have told you. And I would have been right, for a moment.

But, that moment passed. Life swirled in new flavors, new majors and new obligations. New Orleans opened her gate for another semester, and a summer internship made way for a different passage overseas. To where this time? La Perle des Antilles. To Haiti.


For a week this July, I have the opportunity to be part of a mission to Haiti through Mobile Medical Disaster Relief (MMDR). I will serve with a team providing all-day medical clinics for a precious, under-served population. We will lay hands on and pray for each one seeking care. We will go as stewards of Life to those physically and spiritually oppressed. We will usher in Hope...the aroma of Christ.

As I go, I will discover once again that I am inadequate to meet overwhelming needs--but that Love coursing through me is strong, Grace sufficient.

As I prepare, I humbly ask for prayer for myself and for our team and for those we will encounter. Pray for favor and supply of all physical and financial means for our trip. Pray that those who need care will find their way to the clinics. Pray for God's great mercy and grace to saturate the land and hearts. Pray as you are led, and praise Him who is Loving Provider and Sustainer through all things.

If you would like to know more about MMDR and our ongoing projects in Haiti, please take time to visit the organization's website: If you are interested in partnering financially with MMDR by way of support of my trip specifically or for the "Live Beyond" Haitian base, please contact me via a comment or e-mail, and I would be happy to give you more information!

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