Aug 17, 2006

wisdom off the wall

I was looking around the room in AP Statistics today expecting to see those posters-- you know, the ones that are really repetitive about having a good attitude or have Garfield reading a book on them? The ones that must have been from a teacher supply store?

That's when I read this one that stuck out to me. It said something along these lines:

"Yes, ships are safe in harbors, but ships aren't meant for harbors."

That was something I needed a reminder of, especially with this new school year.

Life's a journey, not a destination. It's a challenge to live by, yet so much more rewarding.


16to60spinsterstyle said...

hey I would just like to say that I know where your coming from there - Bart Simpsons butt with the captioon "I didn't do it" I am yet to find a poster in a school/college that has a profound message so good find :) check my blog out!

Suz said...

i have a matthew perryman jones song for you that uses that quote in the lyrics. :-)