Mar 12, 2007

Reawakened passions.

I feel as though I'm coming out of a month long hibernation of sorts.

It's a life-giving feeling to have, really. Over the past month I've gone through some of the most stressful times of my life; it certainly hasn't been easy. I've been toe-to-toe with a constant stream of loneliness, frustration, bitterness, hopelessness and extreme worry. But now, I feel like a bit of light is breaking through the metaphoric tunnels of stagnant existence. And it makes me want to celebrate.

The thing is, nothing big has happened to bring about this change. Quite the contrary, it's been the small winks and brief "yay" moments that have truly carried me through day to day.
The things like:
- spontaneous frisbee playing
- reading outside (and pausing inbetween chapters to watch the sunset)
- dancing
- power-napping
- throwing a football better than my brothers, consistently
- progressing in my self-taught Italian
- being proven wrong repeatedly when I feel as though I'm alone.

As I think about the days to come, I'm stoked for a fresh start and a new season of life. I believe it will be one of heart-expansion and joy. Real joy. The kind that makes you want to twirl with Kathleen Kelly and take the world by storm while doing it. So watch out world, because this girl's waking up--and she's ready to strike harder than before.

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*The Blogstar said...

Detto buono il mio amica. Molla felice.