Apr 3, 2007

April Showers.

There's something about spring showers that just brings joy into my life.

(Now, I love rain. I was born and grew up in Oregon...and you can't live in Oregon without at least a tolerance for rain...)

But there are a few distinctive traits to these mini-storms that just appeal to me: They are so abrupt. They creep up on you with little or no warning, do their thing and then vanish as quickly as they appeared. They make a rebirth of life possible in plants. They scream, "Come dance and sing in me!" and when they leave, their puddles whisper, "Come, jump in me." They make me want to open my windows afterward so I can take in the, for lack of better word, "natural" smell.

And, they always come when I need them to.

Because, along with a day's break from allergies, spring showers offer up a blank slate. They wash everything away, and only leave room for growth. Still, at least to me, there's something even more exciting about spring showers...

See, after a spring shower, the sun comes out. And I believe that whenever the rain and sun exchange duty, even if I can't see it, there's a rainbow somewhere.

And rainbows remind me of promises. Mostly because of the main rainbow story I know and the promise the rainbow embodied for Noah...

But thinking about these promises never fails to stop me dead in my tracks, if only for a second. I stop to listen to what promise today's shower brought me...and when I quiet my mind and heart, I get an answer. Whether in the form of a verse, a conversation, a hug, a text message or a new realization, refreshment comes--and it's always just as life-giving as the spring rain.


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