Apr 26, 2007

Let's reminisce...

So it's a couple days past the one-month marker since my trip down to New Orleans.

Time to take a look back...

Top Five Silly Things Learned in NO:
01. Coloring books and two-sided jumbo crayons aren't just for first-graders.
02. Breaking into dance when the impulse comes is a quick way to spread joy.
03. "Jesus sandals"+leather wristbands=Instant youth pastor.
04. Never go on a ten hour car trip with a driver whose bladder can't hold out over an hour.
05. Singing loudly to 90s boy band hits isn't just for girls.

Top Five Serious Things Learned in NO:
01. When you begin to grasp the Church as the Bride of Christ, things become clearer.
02. A broken, honest Body is more effective than a broken Body with perma-grin and "I'm fine" written on its forehead.
03. You can't expect to pour out love if you can't receive love from your Father first.
04. Sometimes all people need is a good laugh coupled with a genuine smile.
05. Warfare is real. But Christ allows us to claim victory.

Now, here's to the beautiful city and beautiful people of New Orleans. It's time to see this ravaged bride return to the loving arms of her Groom.

(Thanks Amberly, for the idea behind this one--and thanks Em, for the trip pictures.)

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Tyler said...

Thanks. And great post. NO was amazing...