Oct 16, 2007

Dear Daughter (pt. 1)

(Part One of a series of journal entries written October 3, 2007 - during the "From the Inside Out" worship night at TPC)


How could you have forgotten me? Have you not seen how great I Am?

Look to the skies, my love, for I am there.
And I'm singing over you - my melodies the clouds, my lyrics the stars.
Stop for a moment and just look around; I've never left you.

In fact, I'm holding your hand in this moment. Can't you feel me?
I love you. You are my treasure. My girl.
I want to parade you.

I know the plans I have for you.
Don't worry. I dreamt them up specifically for you.
No one else is intricately wired the way you are - you are the only one who can fulfill these dreams.

You think you get get excited when you're dreaming?
That's bread and butter alongside the heavenly feast I've got.

And don't you doubt that I'm excited about this, about you,
and all of my children.

Take my hand, and we'll walk this out together...

And so now that you've got a sharper image of this glorious picture -
Oh, beloved, just watch me work.

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