Oct 16, 2007

Dear Daughter (pt. 2)

(Part Two of a series of journal entries written October 3, 2007 - during the "From the Inside Out" worship night at TPC)


You are a dreamer.
A story-capturer.

Imagine a field with butterflies - they are my dreams for you, and for this world.
And now, your job is not only to dance in this field before me, but to
Run after these butterflies. (The dreams, the stories).
Do this in the day.

And beloved, know that I have equipped you for the exhilarating chase.
The run after and capture of dreams before you...

But also know, I have equipped you for the rough seasons.
The discovery and nurture of those dreams still in formation,
In the cocoon.

But don't you get proud, Daughter, of anything but My Work.
For it is My Work that will release these dreams.

You are there just to nurture along the way...to hunt for the cocoons...to protect them...to find the fallen and lift them...to catch the wayward and show them the way home...to encourage those on the right path.

And at night?
I'll send fireflies into that field.
I will sing to them, and they will come after me.

This will be a daily reminder to you of how I love my people.

In those dark hours, miracles will happen.
I will find my Bride in my people,
(ans she will find her Lover in me).

And in this, Daughter - simply watch and pray.
Yes, pray, and do so fervently.
Get down on your knees and cry out. Sing out.
On behalf of the dimming, the hurting, the weak.
And join in the choruses of the passionate and bold.

And above all - don't lose hope.
In times when you feel distant, blind or deaf - don't fret.
I am in control.

Just do what I tell you.
You are only responsible for you.

Because sooner or later, you will witness something breathtaking.
You will be part of beauty indescribable.
For I will reunite with my Bride.
Just wait and see. You won't be disappointed.

But until then, you just take care of those butterflies,
and cry out with those fireflies.

Continue to worship, glorify and exalt me.
Find rest in me.
And be loved by me. So that you can love others.

Don't lose hope in silence.
Continue to pursue peace and healing.
Love mercy, do justly, walk humbly.
Don't give up.

(And I know that it won't all happen in a day...but that's okay.
Watch me. Love me. Let me be God.
And I will give you everything you will ever need.)

I love you.


rie said...

Neens, thesee are absolutely beautiful. thank you for sharing them. keep writing and writing and writing. you have a gift, my dear.

Shelia said...

Oh, This is PRICELESS TREASURE!! The words, the pictures, the thoughts...so Beautiful, so dear. I'm with Kendra, Thanks for being willing to share something so intimate. I am blessed.