Feb 19, 2009

Sneak peek.

"All right. How about instead of what-- who? Who do you carry with you? You've been on this journey for some huge story and you've just got to realize you're not alone here. You've gotta start paying attention to the people. Who they are at the rawest. People are the stories, Jake. They're not just characters. It's like you keep acting like people are just influences on your life. You've got to stop that. They're all a part of you.

It's like if I'm trying to come up with some new song. I can't just try to box myself in to avoid influence from other artists. That's ridiculous. Everything I've been given, everything I've hear, every experience I'm in -- I carry bits and pieces of it all with me. Sure it gets messy sometimes. Sometimes, the dark inky mess of it all drips all over and I can't stop it. But sometimes, it's brilliant. When I carry with me everyone who had ever hurt me, loved me, held me and taught me how to wonder--if I just carry them all in my heart and let them just go free...Jake, it's a symphony."

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