Feb 24, 2009

Stepping out.

For this Lenten season, I am taking a step away from: blogging, social networking (Twitter, Facebook) and other unnecessary "noise" I've invited into my life.

I will instead be stepping into: as much face time with people as I can reasonably manage (particularly with classmates who I many not see much of in 88 days), a new (big) writing endeavor and just pursuing my Creator through reading, listening and taking time to just be.

When I stick my toes back in these parts come April 13, life will be at an exciting last push at the closing of one season and the ushering in of a new one. I want to be, be there with everything I've got, so I'm taking time out to intentionally prepare.

Blessings to each of you who read this between now and then. May you be filled with new hope, peace and joy each day.

(And for anyone who may read this needing to reach me, my e-mail and cell will still be fully functioning.)

For the Kingdom.

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