Sep 9, 2010

on learning and walks through the garden.

[from a time of dialogue this morning]

this week, i'm learning. i'm learning about time boundaries, about cutting losses and moving forward. i'm learning about priorities, guarding my rest and placing a high value on my integrity. i'm learning about my imperfections and about the grace that the Father has in the midst of them... and i'm learning that to really accept His grace takes humility in areas that i'm not so used to walking in it.

this is a growing season, a tend-the-garden season, a season where my gaze must be fixed ahead--
not on the future, per se, but on the Gracious Gardener before me.

He is my sustenance and my guide. His voice brings correction, but correction that is laced with hope, drenched in love.

as we journey together, i learn more and more of His nature (and my nature in Him).

with every word He speaks comes sweet promise, like a breeze. romantic refreshment. a whisper of harvest to come.

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Rie said...

Love this. And you! And that you are blogging again :)