Jan 10, 2011


and so, i'm finding myself at the start of another new semester, new year. to try and recapture the journeys of the past months in a simple post seems a tad overwhelming--and i think it may be coming, soon...but until then, i'd like to pass along this song. we sang it at church yesterday, and it's as if the lyrics have hovered over me all day. may it bless you, too.

a debtor to mercy alone
of covenant mercy i sing
i come with Your righteousness on
my humble offering to bring
the judgments of Your holy law
with me can have nothing to do
my Savior’s obedience and blood
hide all my transgressions
from view

the work which Your goodness began
the arm of Your strength will complete
Your promise is yes and amen
and never was forfeited yet
the future or things that are now
no power below or above
can make You Your purpose forego
or sever my soul from Your love

my name from the palms of Your hands
eternity will not erase
impressed on Your heart it remains
in marks of indelible grace
yes i, to the end will endure
until i bow down at Your throne
forever and always secure
forever and always secure
forever and always secure
a debtor to mercy alone


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