Mar 16, 2011

a requiem for love

“My gift to you is love,
but Worship is your gift to Me.
And Oh, most glorious it is!
Worship always calls Me ‘Father’ and
Makes us both rich with a common joy.
Worship Me, for only this great gift
Can set you free from the killing love of self,
And prick your fear with valiant courage
To fly in hope through moments of despair.
Worship will remind you
That no man knows completeness in himself,
Worship will teach you to speak your name,
When you’ve forgotten who you are.
Worship is duty and privilege,
Debt and grand inheritance at once.
Worship, therefore, at those midnights
When the stars hide.
Worship in the storms till love
Makes thunder whimper and grow quiet
And listen to your whispered hymns
Worship and be free.”

--calvin miller

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