Apr 16, 2011

until God's realm comes

we gather to sing of Your kindness that's showered upon us
to whisper your promises, shout out the truths of Your love
we lift up Your name as we care for Your children around us
encouraged in unity, gathering strength from Your words
thank You for kinship, thank You for love

excited by Life, we will sing with the gifts that You give us
impassioned by mystery, mystical Lord upon high!
heartbroken seeing what sin has detroyed all around us
hopeful in knowing what will fulfilled in Your Word
until Your kingdom comes...

maybe in this there has been but a glimpse of the kingdom
and maybe our hearts will be stirred for the mission before us
maybe in this there has been but a glimpse of You, Jesus
and mercy will flow through these streets as we exercise worship
until Your kingdom comes...

until all are fed
until all know home
until all are free, until justice done
until peace the way
until grace the law
until love the rule, until God's realm comes
until God's realm comes

--preson phillips, from the observant and the anawim, free download here

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RalphMariedeLargo said...

Dear Nina, your pilgrimage to know our Lord Jesus Christ ends at the Sacrament of the Eucharist and using the Holy Mother Church, the one, holy, Catholic Apostolic Church shepherd by His Holiness Pope Benedict the XVI as your minister of redemption to know the greatest hope of eternal life in our Father's heavenly kingdom. Sincerely yours, ralph marie de largo 09.22.2011