Dec 24, 2008

A re-post, with added commentary.

Announcement: "The Decision" of this season of my life has been made.
I will be attending Tulane University in New Orleans, LA in the fall.

And now for that re-post (with current thoughts in bold:
-- (From August 31, 2008)

(There have been a LOT of thoughts running through my mind lately about this city, and I figured it'd be best to get them down in writing...jumbled as they are.)
Funny thing is, there are STILL a lot of thoughts running through my mind about this city. And, I'm STILL choosing to write them out ;)

- The past month I haven't been able to stop thinking about New Orleans throughout my days. Hurricane Gustav has just upped the thoughts.
The weekend I blogged this, our church started gathering items for a local rec center that would be housing evacuees. One of my best friends braved the WalMonster with me, and then fully supported me as I went into (her words) "New Orleans mode". Doing something to help in this area was so energizing, so life-giving.

- For some reason, Dad has just laid this area on my heart. I've only been there once (two spring breaks ago to help with Katrina relief) but I really, really, really want to go back. ( And, two weeks ago, I received word from a couple of friends that live there that I could come and stay with them this fall for a visit...)
I did go visit NOLA this fall. Right before Thanksgiving to be exact - to visit Tulane. I also got to visit with the aforementioned friends (who I really consider to be more like family).

- But back to the spring break trip--the last morning we were there, I felt like Dad told me that I would be back there someday. I left with a piece of my heart in that city and a peace in my heart. But recent weather has started to shake me up again.
There was a certain spot where this event occurred. It was on the Moonwalk along the Mississippi River, not far from Cafe du Monde. I'll never forget that moment, the feelings I had or the thoughts coursing through my mind.

- Friday night, I applied to Tulane University. It was my first college application. Earlier in the month, I had Googled "international development major" just to see if such a thing existed -- and sure enough, Tulane was one of three schools that came up. I read into the major, and it sounded really interesting,(basically, studying urgent issues within developing/third world countries and how to address them) but I didn't think much of it.... Until I got an email from Tulane a few days later offering me a "Personal Application" that wouldn't cost me a thing, among other benefits... So I applied.
...and a month later, I got in! They accepted me, and offered me a considerable scholarship package, etc. But, I still wasn't settled.

- While browsing their website post-application, I found something that talked about "wanting to be part of rebuilding a city" as a draw for students to come to Tulane (it's one of -if not the- biggest employers in N.O.) - something that echoes Isaiah 61, an important passage to me...
After visiting the school, I can really say that this is SO true. And to me, that is exciting.

- And that brings me to now. I just went to WalMart to purchase items to stock a local Rec Center for refugees, because, well, I don't know what else to do. I don't know what New Orleans will look like in a matter of days, weeks or months...or if instead of going for a college visit the next time, I'll be working relief again...
And praise Dad that my visit wasn't for relief. Or, maybe just a different kind of relief-- relief from the daunting college search ;)

- So I pray, I wait and I remember -- all that Dad's done for me, and for this city, and ultimately, for His people. For Peace, Protection and Hope.
And I continue to pray, wait and remember, but also hope, dream, and rest up for this new season and upcoming adventure.

And now a picture from my most recent trip, just for fun.

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